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4. Instructional Program

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Table of Contents
4.100  Instructional Goals
4.1001  Equal Educational Opportunties
4.200 Curriculum Development
4.2011  Homework
4.2014  Physical Education
4.202  Special Education
4.2022  504 Policy
4.203  Advanced College Placement
4.204  Summer School
4.205  Enrollment in college Level Courses
4.206  Homebound Instruction (Special Programs)
4.207  English Learners
4.208  Adult Education Program
4.208  Entrance Policy for Adult High School and Adult Education
4.208  Adult Education (Petition to Enter)
4.209  Alternative Credit Options
4.210  Credit Recovery
4.211 Work Based Learning Program
4.300 Rules for Fentress County Elementary Basketball
4.301  Inter-Scholastic Athletics
4.3010  Inter-Scholastic Athletics Participation Policy
4.302    Field Trips and Excursions
4.404  Use of Copyrighted Materials
4.405  Employee-Developed Materials
  4.406  Use of Internet
4.4061 Acceptable Use Policy
4.407  Web Pages
4.500  Instructional Materials
4.501  Text book Selection, Distibution and Care
4.5011  Re-consideration of Instructional Materials Other Than Textbooks
4.502  Selection of Instructional Materials Other Than Textbooks
4.5021  Library Bill of Rights
4.5022  School Library Bill of Rights for School Library/Media Center Programs
4.5023  Media Center Selection and Review Policy
4.5024  Citizen's Request for Re-consideration of Instructional Materials
4.5025  Recommendation by Review Committee for Treatment of Challenged Material(s)
4.507  Videos, Films, Laser Disks, etc. in the classroom
4.600  Community Instructional Resources
4.601  School Volunteers
4.602  Parent and Family Engagement
4.603  Parent Organizations/Booster Clubs
4.604  Accelerated and Advanced Credit
4.605  Graduation Requirements 
4.606  Graduation Activities
4.607  Waivers of Statute, Rules and Regulations
4.608 Transcript Alterations
4.700  Grading System
4.7001  Algebra I Credit
4.7002  TNReady 3-12 TNReady, EOC, Science, & Social Studies
4.7003  PreK-2 Literacy Assessment
4.7004  Grading Policy for Clarkrange High School
4.701  Reporting Student Progress (Driver's License Revocation and Parent Conferences)
4.702  Maintaining Test and Data Security
4.703  Eighth (8th) Grade Valedictory Grading Procedures
4.7031  Class Ranking
4.704  Promotions and Retentions
4.800  Testing Programs
4.8001  Use of Calculators on TCAP Achievement Test
4.801  Approved (Testing) Security Policty
4.802  Evaluation of Instructional Program
4.900  Controversial Issues
4.901  Controversial Materials
4.9011  Student Equal Access (Limited Public Forum)
4.902  Recognition of Religious Beliefs, Customs & Holidays
4.903  Religious Content of Courses
4.904  Prayer and Period of Silence