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TCAP Resources


  • Go to www.pearsonaccess.com

  • Select “Tennessee” from the program dropdown box.

  • Click the “Support” tab at the top.

  • Click the “ePATs” link at the left.

  • Narrow your viewing options by clicking the “Achievement” or “EOC” radio button.

  • Select the desired test to begin the application.

Jefferson County School's TCAP reviews and powerpoints (some for the current TCAP practice book!)

Jefferson County Schools TCAP practice site--brush up on skills for TCAP--created by Jefferson County Schools--good review

Internet4classrooms--TCAP practice

Pete's Powerpoint Station--any skill you can imagine--great for instruction or review for TCAP

Giles County Schools--TCAP resources

Interactive Quizzes--by Tami Maloney of Poquoson City Public Schools--not Tennessee Standards--but excellent practice activities to reveiw skills--arranged by grade level

The Learning Page--by grade and spi's

Walker's Winners--Best TCAP Practice Sites

Lewisburg Middle School TCAP Resources--6th-8th grades all subjects--PowerPoint Games and more

SAT 10 1st grade sample questions

SAT 10 2nd grade sample questions

State of Tennessee Resources

TCAP and End of Course Sample Items
TCAP Sample Items (K-8)
Test Items--be sure to look at these as they can guide your review!!
End-of-Course (High School)