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Referral Process for Faculty

Referral Instructions for Faculty: (To view and print forms, click on the desired form)

Click here to review the New State Board Rules for Special Education Programs

Step 1: Screening Referral Process Form

This form is to be used for permission to begin the individual observations. Any individual observation requires parent permission.

Step 2: Hearing/Vision Screening Form

Check the student's record. Fentress County Schools screen certain grades every year. If this student has been screened within ONE year, the screening is still good. Document the date and the results. If the student has not been screened within a one-year time frame, contact the Fentress County Board of Education to schedule screening for the student.

Step 3: WRAT - Wide Range Achievement Test.

The Special Education teacher gives this screening test. It is used to determine if more testing is needed.

Step 4: Observation Forms:

Prevocational Skills Questionnaire- this form is to be completed by the general education teacher
Independent Observation of classroom performance- this form is to be completed by the special education teacher
Classroom Teacher Observation Form- (3 pages) this form is to be completed by the general education teacher
Step 5: Parent Information Form - This form is to be completed by the parent/guardian.

Step 6:

Support Team Meeting Forms: The following two forms are used to notify parents of the results of the S-Team meeting and the decision made. Please select the appropriate form below:

S-Team Meeting Form A

Use this form when student is NOT to be referred for additional testing.

S-Team Meeting Form B
Use this form when student will be referred for Special Education Services.

At this time, one of two things are going to happen:

1. The process has ended. The S-Team has met and determined the student does not need any more testing OR,

2. The S-Team has determined that the student needs more testing. You must get parent permission once again using the Screening Referral Permission Form.

A copy of Parental Rights must also be given to parent as well as an explanation of these rights.

The 40-day clock is now ticking. You have forty days until the child has been placed either in Special Education or it has been determined the student is not eligible for Special Education Services..

For the S-Team: This link will provide you with necessary forms to determine if a student needs a comprehensive psychological exam as well as assist the team in making informed decisions.