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Special Education: The philosophy of Special Education in the Fentress County School System is one of identification and support. Special Education is a program established to intervene in the educational process of those children who meet specific criteria. The Special Education services are delivered on a continuum ranging from an hour or two per week to full day, self-contained services. The I.E.P. team determines the level of services for each student. Children 3-21 years old may be eligible for these services. These services include gifted students whose abilities are so exceptional that they require special education services to meet their needs.

Psychological Testing: The school Support Team (S-Team) may recommend psychological testing for a student who is having significant difficulty in the classroom. They may also recommend testing for students who are potentially gifted. Such children exhibit intellectual abilities significantly higher than their peers. These abilities may take the form of creative thinking or higher level thinking skills. Outside agencies, pediatricians, parents, etc. may also suggest the referral of a child to the school Support Team. Testing would be suggested only after the student’s teacher had tried extensive interventions recommended by the Support Team, except in rare cases where the child’s problems are extremely significant, and the Support Team process is expedited. Every school serves some special needs students. Particularly specialized classes are located in certain schools that serve a broad geographic area. If a disability is suspected, the parent may contact the child’s school.

Section 504: It is the intent of the district to ensure that students who are disabled within the definition of Section 504 are identified and provided with appropriate educational services. Students may be disabled under this policy even though they do not require services pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Act (I.D.E.A.). Due process rights of students with disabilities and the parents under section 504 are guaranteed. Each school has a 504 committee which determines if the child meets the criteria to be identified as a 504 student.

General Information: If you have questions pertaining to your child, you may contact your child’s school or the Board of Education.

Fentress County Board of Education Special Education Department: (931) 879-8447
Allardt Elementary: (931) 879-9515
Clarkrange High School: (931) 863-3143
Pine Haven Elementary: (931) 879-9525
South Fentress Elementary: (931) 863-3131
York Elementary: (931) 879-5832

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