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Jefferson County Schools--Neat interactive academic vocabulary activities from one of the best sites—Jefferson County schools—not just vocabulary—all subject areas listed by TN state standards—AWESOME!!!!!! PowerPoint Flash Activities for most words

Learning Vocabulary Fun--Word Games for test preparation and fun education, free online word games to build vocabulary skills

Eduplace--Fakeout--by Houghton Mifflin--interactive vocabulary game— Students choose a word and guess its definition. Then they choose another word and write their own definition. Their goal is to try and "fake out" someone with their false definition!

Education World Vocabulary Activities--Vocab-u-lous -- Activities for Middle and High Schoolers

Education World Language Arts Lessons--includes lots of lessons with vocabulary for all grade levels

Wordsmith.com--a vocabulary word a day

Vocabulary.com--root word lesson plans, thematic puzzles, word lists, test prep NEAT site!

Vocabulary Wordmap from Readingquest.org--print and use in your lesson

Bookhooks--Avocabo Vocabulary Series--4 Basic Word Lists: Dichotomous Words, Words from specific books and authors, Words from specific disciplines and careers, and Words derived from other languages--CHECK IT OUT! This site also has tons of author links and you can publish illustrated book reports online!

Literacy Matters-Vocabulary--lots of information on strategies, links to excellent sites, virtual thesaurus, word maps, etc.

Miss Alaineus, A Vocabulary Disaster--Debra Frasier website-- word games, projects, and classroom support for using this book in your classroom--she has this for all of her books. Thanks to Ms. Myra Stowers for sharing this with me during on online vocabulary workshop!!

Read-Write-Think Website--Rooting out Meaning: Morpheme Match-Ups in the Primary Grades--lesson plan--EXCELLENT Language Arts sites--many lessons

Word Central--from Merriam-Webster--Cool website for words--build your own Dictionary, Daily Buzzword, Games, for educators site

Oswego Vocabulary Web--expand your vocabulary--vocabulary notebook, word map, comparing terms, compare & contrast, word flash cards--from New York

Vocabulary Resources to Enhance your word skills--loads of vocabulary activities and information--good latin-greek lists

Word Information--Latin-Greek cross-references, a variety of vocabulary quizzes--COOL Site!

Flashcard Exchange--Create your own flashcards--activities for ALL grade levels--Dolch lists, sight words, word walls, multiplication, social studies, science, grammar, definitions, and tons more--already prepared!! Can sign up for a free account or a lifetime membership fee for $19.95

The Hangman Game--WAY COOL!! different hangman games and topics to develop vocabulary--timed and interactive!!

High Frequency Word Games--interactive games for primary grades

Boggles World--tons of different flashcards--good for all grades and for ESL students--also crossword puzzles, songs, phonics and much more

Harcourt School's Wordworks--interactive word games 1 or 2 players

Middle School and High School Resources--some of the above are too--but these are certainly for your group

Wordly Wise 3000 Word List for Grade 6—from Dale and Rourke’s four levels of vocabulary knowledge
Wordly Wise 3000 Word List for Grade 7—from Dale and Rourke’s four levels of vocabulary knowledge
Wordly Wise 3000 Word List for Grade 8—from Dale and Rourke’s four levels of vocabulary knowledge
Words Are Learned Incrementally Over Multiple Exposures by Steven A. Stahl (from American Educator, Spring 2003)—this article talks about the word lists above.
Flip-a-Chip: Examining Affixes and Roots to Build Vocabulary—excellent lesson plan on Read-Write-Think to build vocabulary using several resources
Reading.org’s Flip a Chip Article—Flip a Chip to Build Vocabulary article
Flip-a-Chip—online applet--interactive
Common Root Words—excellent list of roots
Word Info—An illustrated approach to bigger and better vocabulary
List Group Label Activity Vocabulary Strategy—Word Document with how to use this strategy